Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Matte Palettes That Shine

Stila In The Know; Paula's Choice The Nude Mattes; Kat Von D Ladybird True Romance; The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude

If you'd told me I'd be a huge matte shadow fan a couple years ago, I would've mumbled,"Yeah, right" as I forked out another Grant for the latest glittery Urban Decay palette. Shimmer shades are just so gosh darn pretty. Mattes do have their place though, as I've come to learn. Done right, a matte shadow can create a wide range of looks, from modest and natural to dramatic and modern. Most days I use a warm matte in the crease and pop a light shimmer on the lid, but I'm definitely not opposed to an all-matte eye. If the idea of a matte doesn't float your boat, maybe a gorgeous new palette will ease you in. The following well-rounded palettes make the transition to matte a fool-proof endeavor...

The Versatile One  An all around solid pick, the Stila In The Know palette is one of my most used matte assemblies. It comes with 10 easy-to-wear shadesa good mix of warm and cool tonessecured in a simple, no-fuss palette. The beauty of these shades lies in their creamy, easy to blend formulation. Often times matte shades can be difficult to blend and buff out, but each of these powders smooth on effortlessly. And an added bonus, a universally flattering matte grey eyeliner is included in the deal. This just might be the perfect matte eyeshadow starter kit.

The Brown One Once you purchase the Paula's Choice The Nude Mattes palette, you will never need to purchase another matte brown shade again. Ever. Although a bit boring to look at, this neutral 12-shade array is super functional and easy to use; you can't go wrong mixing and matching various shades of brown and taupe. Included is a full-size eyeshadow brush (although I find it works best with cream shadows) and a single peachy-pink shimmer shade. Rock that brown smokey eye!

The Fun One And the cleverest packaging award goes to...The Balm Meet Matt(e) Nude palette. Nine jumbo-size shadows all with the name Matt (Matt Johnson, Matt Wood, Matt Rosen- you get the idea) housed in a slim cardboard palettedoes it get any better? Yep, the shadows are buttery, blendable and long wearing. My favorite, a deep taupe-y purple aptly named Matt Hung. I told you it was the fun one!

The Pigmented One A stunner of a palette, the Kat Von D Ladybird True Romance takes intensity to a new level. Every single shade is uber pigmented; one light swipe on your lid will provide one hellava dose of color. The first time I applied a heavy hand of Siouxsie-Sioux, a deep navy blue, in my crease it looked like I'd been in a bar brawl. Needless to say, a little goes a long way. Oh, and the metal, spring-loaded case is not only funky and cool, but also amazingly durable. It took one rough fumble (thanks fly) the other day and not so much as a crack to be seen!

Do you wear matte shadows on the regular and if so what shades are your favorites?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Fall Wishlist

Okay, so I know I'm a tad bit early on the holiday wishlist piece but lately I've been lusting after quite a few things. Some are new releases, some I've had my eye on for years, but each makes me wanna jump ahead a couple months. Tis the season? 

1.) Make Up Forever 30 Years. 30 Colors. 30 Artists. Shadow Palette - Everyone has to have that one "splurge item" and this is mine. A gorgeous anniversary eyeshadow palette created in collaboration with 30 artists who each created a signature shadeyes please! Included are three separate palettes (Smokey, Neutral and Artistic) that include shades in five different finishes. Does it get any better? Indeed. These shadows are MUFE's new gel-powder formulationhighly pigmented, super blendable and ultra buttery. This palette needs a good home, price be damned!

2.) Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 - This probably sounds ridiculous because I've never even caught a whiff of this perfumebut I want it so badly! It seems that every time I read a beauty review involving perfume, this fragrance is mentioned. Described as woody and cedar-like (a unisex scent), Molecule 01 supposedly changes with each person's individual body chemistry. That's good enough for me; this is one perfume gamble I'm willing to take. Hey, if I don't like it, I can always pass it on to my husbanda man in desperate need of a real cologne (Axe Body Spray doesn't count).

3.) Suki Balancing Facial Oil - I've been a fan of this skin care line for a few years nowusing a cleanser here or a moisturizer therebut not fully committing to any particular product. This moisturizing oil has gotten rave reviews, doing much more than hydrating: helping reduce redness, blemishes and dark spots (hmm...seems to have been formulated especially for my face?) The selling point on this one, for me, is the company's dedication to providing all-natural, organic and cruelty-free products. I don't mind shelling out a little extra for that.

4.) Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow - My prayers have been answered...CT is now available in the States! I can't count the number of times I've drooled watching YouTube reviews on this gorgeous bronzer/highlight duo. The gold, Art Deco compact alone has me sold. I have a feeling this might be one of those too-pretty-to-use purchases. I'm fairly positive I'm going to die surrounded by piles of exquisite (expensive), unused makeup. Not a terrible way to go?

5.) NARS Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte - Never a lipstick galgive me a beautiful blush or a sensible gloss insteadI don't usually swoon over the newest lipstick release. This one, on the other hand, feels different. The concept of full, highly pigmented coverage in a single swipe has me intrigued. And they're long lasting? Is it possible? Perhaps. A couple days with Charlottea rich berry-toned redand I'll let you know...

6.) Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution Kit - I hate to admit it but my Clarisonic Mia *gulp* is on its last legs. I've had it forever and like an old, reliable car, I don't want to give it up. But I need to look toward the future...and the future is radiant and bright (hasee how I did that?) This new Clarisonic system is meant to fade and diminish dark spots through exfoliation. Included in the kit is a Clarisonic Aria/Mia 3, an AM and PM cleanser, a brightening serum and a brush head. Am I willing to pay $250? Ugh, probably. I can't quit you Clarisonic.

7.) Clashist Bill Murray Dot Tee - Alright, I know this doesn't exactly fit into the beauty or makeup category, but it is something that will make me smile every time I wear it. Put simply: I love Bill Murray and I love a comfy tee. My two loves combined into one quirky shirt. Perfect! Oh, if your love of Mr. Murray doesn't translate to wearing his face all over your clothing, take a look at Clashist's other options: James Franco Crush Leggings, Seth Rogen Best Buds Socks, and the David Bowie Labyrinth Tee. So many options.

What beauty bits have made it onto your Fall wishlist?

P.S. This little package showed up today; one item checked off the list. What do you suppose it is?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Making The Fall Transition

Signs that autumn is on its way are all around usthe kids are back in school, Halloween costumes and decorations are everywhere and stores are jam-packed with sweaters, jackets and boots. And I would guess that in some places (not here on the surface of the sun) the weather is starting to cool down. Fall is hands down my favorites season and I look forward to the transition around mid-July (the point at which the novelty of summer has worn off). Of course with the change of season comes a change in my beauty routine, especially makeup. Bright corals and neon oranges have exhausted their welcometime to bring the drama. Here are a few ways to switch up your routine this fall:

Sport a Metallic Smokey Eye - Instead of rockin' the same old black or brown-toned smokey eye, why not add some oomph with this season's hottest trendmetallic eyeshadow. The thought of a shimmery grey or plum smokey eye makes my heart go pitter patter. Maybe it's because I can't resist a sexy smoked-out eyea look I couldn't get away with during the summeror maybe it's because I'm imagining all the shade mix and match possibilities. Either way, I'm a happy girl. If a smokey eye isn't on your radar, try a light wash of a metallic taupe or bronze; you can't go wrong donning a neutral.

Wear a Vampy Lip - The 90's are back! Remember the rich crimsons, plums and reds that Winona Ryder used to wear? Yep, go ahead and riffle through your lippy collectiontime to pull out the dark ones. I'm actually looking forward to intensifying my pout (a summer of rotating between orange and bright pink will do that to you). There are so many lipstick options available these days, you're bound to find a dramatic shade that suites you perfectly. Of course if a goth lip makes you cringe, try a soft berry or classic red; red never goes out of style.

Opt for a Silver or Jewel-Toned Mani - Autumn's beauty uniform calls for deep jewel-tones and silver-greys. I'm all over vivid emeralds and bold blues, but silver-greys are tough to wear. I find that the darker the grey, the easier to wear if you have fair skin; grey-ish blacks provide a bit more contrast against your skin. Obviously the opposite goes if you have dark skinopt for soft greys and iridescent silvers. If jewel-toned or shadowy fingertips aren't your thang, pick a neutral taupe or light brown. I have a handful of no-brainer taupes that work all year round.

What fall makeup trends are you looking forward to?
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